About Killa Karma

Tommy Beringer is the multi-talented brains behind Killa Karma. This relentless talent has not only written and recorded music, but delved into the production side of the industry co-producing top ten chartbusting hits with phenomenal success globally with his Nuthin’ … Continue reading

Killa Karma new single

Expect the new single in Spring 2014.

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  1. “All I Need” Uberjakd ft. Nuthin’ Under a Million  https://soundcloud.com/mixmash-records/uberjakd-feat-nothin-under-a
  2. 2. Killa Karma Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/killa_karma
  3. 3. Nuthin’ Under a Million’s Soundcloud page (An EDM Group Karma produces and writes with): https://soundcloud.com/nuthinunderamillion
  4. Killa Karma mixcloud page https://www.mixcloud.com/killakarma